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Europa Park

One of the World's Leading Theme Parks

he aim of this workshop is to bring together the student body of MPIA in a friendly atmosphere, fully funded by the very generous Patzer Foundation. The 2015 Patzer Workshop will be at EUROPA PARK (One of the world's leading theme parks)!

  1. !!!Accommodation:

Tepees, in the style of the wild west, in the Camp Resort (bring your cowboy hat). Breakfast is included. 24 people maximum.

  1. !!!Science:

We will have astronomy based activities on one day, specifics to be decided. Any ideas are welcome.

  1. !!!Fun:

Mandatory. 1 day in Europa Park experiencing first hand accelerating frames of reference. The evening will also play host to a Cowboy and Indians themed party. Bring your best costume. Prizes for the best.

The Important Bit - How to Register: The workshop will be fully funded (including food) by the Patzer Foundation. However, we ask for a 50 deposit to secure your place. Registration is now open on a first come first serve basis up to 24 MPIA students. Bring your money to either Paolo (217) or Rich (324). We are also looking for drivers, if you are able to volunteer either to drive an institute car or your own, please say. All petrol will of course be reimbursed.

THE DEADLINE IS JUNE 20TH, but the sooner you register, the better. Cancellation before the deadline will be guaranteed with full refund.

The workshop fun is directly proportional to participation so please encourage all your MPIA student friends to come along as well (use the hashtag #Patzer2015)!

Some Google+ quotes on how good a place it is

*I went to other places in france , uk, usa east and west and hong kong ...this one is the best... i think whatever made by germany it should be the best...
Jasem Alajmi (5 stars)
*The Haunted House will not leave you alone but the demons will make you realize your loneliness.
Ayush Gupta (5 stars)
*Frickin' awesome?! ~ Kids loved it? Dunno yet, one of them frickin' broke their thumbs?
Donny Dins (5 stars)
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