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2013 Workshop - in Enkhuizen, Netherlands - ON A BOAT!!!

  • Date: 13-17. May 2013
  • The boat (this page is only Dutch or German, sorry): click
  • The organizers are: Taisiya Kopytova, Simon Bihr, Paolo Bianchini, and Michael Maseda (to write us an email, click here).

Although we do not have a firm itinerary yet (it will depend on the weather), plan for four nights on a boat, with three days of sailing. If all goes well, we will try to sail northwards to the West Frisian Islands before coming back south. Each night we hope to be docked in a different town, so we'll be able to see a lot of really nice mud. ;) We'll end our trip on Friday the 17th, where, if there's enough interest, we could organize an "informal" weekend trip to Amsterdam.


  • To write everyone an email, click here.
Name Talk Title Paid Registration Fee Driving
Michael Maseda Starbursting Dwarf Galaxies Yes No
Simon Bihr Origin and facts about beer! Yes Yes
Paolo Bianchini Kepler-22b Yes Yes
Alex Büdenbender Sailing Yes Yes
Wilma Trick Teambuilding on a boat Yes No
Deniss Stepanovs Cooking Disks and Jets Yes Yes (with own car)
Johannes Reppin Yes Yes
Salvatore Cielo Simulating Jets Yes No
Jakob Herpich Galaxies on Earth Yes Yes (with own car)
Benjamin Laevens Automated Search for Milky Way Dwarf Galaxies with latest Pan-STARRS data Yes Yes
Kai-Martin Dittkrist Self-shadowing 1D disks Yes Yes (Lupo)
Maria Lenius Improv Theater Yes Yes
Tanya Edwards (MPIK) South Africa Yes No

The fee for the trip is 100€ and should be given to Simon. This goes towards covering our food expenses, as well as any other expenses that we may have that go above the amount Patzer is willing to fund. Just like last year, if we have money left over at the end, we give it back equally to everyone. If you register as coming, you must be willing to pay the deposit before 15 February.

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