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2012 Workshop - in Bar-sur-Sein, France at the heart of the Champagne Region

  • Date: 7-10. May 2012
  • House: click
  • The organizers are: Taisiya Kopytova, Simon Bihr, Kai-Martin Dittkrist, M. Elena Manjavacas, and Michael Maseda (to write us an email, click here).


How to register for the workshop:

Just go to Michael's office (133) and bring the 50€ food money. Deadline is 30 March (but I won't be here from 21-23 March). Leftover money will probably go towards buying wine for the last night. :) There are 23 places, with preference going to those who responded to the Doodle poll.

To send an email to all participants, click here).

Current list of participants/talks:

Michael Maseda Starbursting Dwarf Galaxies in 3D-HST No
Taisiya Kopytova High resolution spectroscopy and photometry of the pre-main sequence star CHXR 20: extinction events in the disk. No
Kai-Martin Dittkrist Something about Planet Formation Yes
Vesselina Kalinova Dynamical models of CALIFA galaxies No
Maria Kapala The Stellar Populations Responsible for Dust Heating in Andromeda Institute Car (going back only)
Maria Lenius What planets will we find with SPHERE? Yes
Deniss Stepanovs Cooking Disks and Jets No
Siyi Feng Chemical sub-structure of high-mass star-forming regions No
Richard Hanson 3D Extinction Mapping Institute Car
Zhao Sun Exoplanet Atrmosphere Retrival: An Initial Look No
Sheng Jin Planetary population synthesis with improved boundary conditions No
Kathleen Shurkin Knots in Relativistic Jets: Simulations and Synthetic Observations Institute Car
Robert Singh The true nature of LINERs: weak AGN or strong stars? Yes
Alex Büdenbender Dynamics in the solar neighbourhood Institute Car
Johannes Reppin Planetesimal formation in turbulent protoplanetary discs Yes
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