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The Workshop has been cancelled!!!

!! 2011 Workshop - in Zorge (Germany)

* Date: 30 April - 06 May 2011

* House: click -> A detailed prospect is available as a pdf-file here.

* Organisers: Natalie Raettig, Anika Schmiedeke, Bernhard Sturm

!! Organisation:

In brackets are the people who volunteered for the different tasks. Additional helpers are always welcome, just add your name there.

  • Transportation (Kai-Martin): We take some institute cars and some rental cars. For driving the institute cars you need to have a contract. For the rental cars there is usually an age limit (around 25).
  • Scientific part (Mathias): Reserve beamer and screen, prepare the talk schedule.
  • Food supply (Natalie): Put together a plan who is preparing the meal when, collect recipes and buy food.
  • Social part (Maren): Find out what is of interest in the region, organize trips, ...

!! How to register for the workshop:

Just go to Natalie's office (133) and bring the 50 food money. Deadline is February 11th.


11.02.2011 Deadline for registration is set.

18.01.2011 Info meeting at 14:00 in the lecture hall.

23.11.2010 We are looking for volunteers.

19.11.2010 The house is booked.

01.10.2010 Preparation process has started.

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