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2010 Workshop - in Norddeich, Germany at the Northern Sea

  • Date: 7-14. May 2010
  • House: click
  • To write an Email to all the participants click here.
  • The summary of the meeting on Monday, April 12th is now available: Download summary (update: 14.04.2010)
  • Schedule of the talks is finished now. You can download it here.
  • If you have any further questions or comments do not hesitate to contact Anika and Bernhard


In brackets are the people who volunteered for the different tasks. Additional helpers are always welcome, just add your name there.

  • Transportation (Roman): We take some institute cars and some rental cars. For driving the institute cars you need to have a contract. For the rental cars there is usually an age limit (around 25).
  • Scientific part (Til): We will have (optional) evaluation sheets. Talks should be 15 minutes + 5 minutes discussion. Schedule can be found here.
  • Food supply (Natalie): Put together a plan who is preparing the meal when, collect recipes and buy food.
  • Social part (Kai D.): Find out what is of interest in the region, organize trips, ...

List of confirmed participants:

Birnstiel, TilGrain growth in evolving disks 
Dittkrist, Kai-MartinPlanet population synthesis 
Fiedler, MichaelThe synchrotron spectrum of the jet in M87 
Follert, RomanMimicking the Atmosphere - How To 
Jäger, MathiasThe COMBO17+4 survey 
Kudryavtseva, NataliaDynamical properties of the starburst cluster Westerlund 1 
Meyer, EvaHigh precision astrometry with AO aided imaging 
Moster, BenjaminHow to form a galaxy 
Nugroho, DadingOptical integral field spectroscopy of z~0.1 QSO host galaxies 
Pitann, JanInfrared observations of massive proto-stars and their environment 
Raettig, NatalieThe Baroclinic Instability in general 
Ramkumar, BalaEvolution of massive galaxies through VLT Hawkeye 
Schmalzl, MarkusCB17 - or: "Why higher resolution is not always a blessing" 
Schmiedeke, AnikaMolecular line observations of massive star-forming regions 
Sturm, BernhardHerschel first results: Far-IR spectroscopy of HD 100546 
Ueltzhöffer, Kai- C A N C E L E D - 
Zhang,XianyuThe laboratory setup of LINC-NIRVANA 

12.02.2010 Registration is now open (limited places):

Deadline for the binding registration is March 5th. Please email Mica and pay the deposit of 50 Euro before the deadline. The money is used for buying food, but usually there is some money left which will be paid back after the workshop.

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