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MPIA Table Tennis Ranking

Arjen van der Wel
Leonard Burtscher
Andreas Schruba
Somayeh Nezami
Dario Colombo
Karsten Dittrich
Matthias Voss
Rahul Kannan


  • You may challenge everyone in the same row (left to you) and those in the row above you that are to the right of you. If you win you earn the position of your opponent, the opponent and all following move one down (i.e. you will gradually move to the last position if you never play).
  • If you're not yet on the list you may challenge everyone. If you win this first match you will be put in front of your opponent, otherwise at the last place (so think twice if you want to challenge Nr. 1!).
  • If challenged, you must play within one month, otherwise the match is considered lost.
  • Games are played best of 5 (three sets to win); you may change it if both parties agree.
  • The ranking is reset according to the outcome of MPIA-wide tournaments.
  • Feel free to update the wiki yourself (There is a table edit GUI if you click on 'Table Edit') if you have an account or send a message to Leonard or Andreas.
  • All matches that result from challenges to this ranking (successful or not) are listed below.

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Page last modified on February 03, 2011, at 03:37 PM