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The MPIA offers various possibilites to stay healthy and do some sports. Sometimes it is necessary to subscribe to a mailinglist in order to get the proper information. We make sports in order to have fun and do some exercises and not to have professional training. So feel free to join any of the groups.


Football / Soccer

Every Wednesday (depending on weather conditions) we play football on the pitch between the MPIA Main Building and the Elsässer Labor. Stay informed by applying to the mailinglist which is maintained by Jan Pitann


Usually on Friday at 6:30pm in the Sports Hall of the Bunsen-Gymnasium in downtown Heidelberg. For more information on current dates please subscribe to by writing an email to Uli Hiller

Table Tennis

There is a table tennis in the basement of the staircase. You may use it on your own whenever you like but please move it back to the "sleep" position (left of the staircase when you come down) after you have played. There are regular table tennis tournaments at MPIA (during summer party, christmas party) and since December 2009 there is the MPIA table tennis ranking. Please have a look at that page for more details

Ergonomic Strength Training

Problems with your back? Or would you like to prevent to have some problems in the future? Every Wednesday at 11:00am everyone can join the ergonomic strength training in the Seminarraum (room 206). It is recommended to bring a thermomat with you (but for beginners a large hand towel will also serve its purpose) as some exercises are performed lying down on the floor.


If you search for someone to play tennis or if you are interested in doing some other team sports just place your advertisement here:


There is a Squash court in Heidelberg.

Inline Skating

Occasionally some people go to the Hockenheim Motorspeedway because in summer it is sometimes open for inline skating. Check the webpage for more information. Just ask around if you want to go as there are always some people interested...

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