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In the past, a very limited number of people have encoutered general problems with accomplishing their PhD project. Nevertheless, one should keep in mind that problems arise even to experienced supervisors. In an effort to minimize this you might want to check whether you have considered the following issues.

  • Do you have time to work with an additional PhD student?
  • Is there some other person who could temporarily supervise your student if you become sick, pregnant, or travel extensively?
  • If the possibility exists that you may leave the institute during the student's 3 years is there someone who could take over advising?
  • Are you familiar with all the tools necessary for the project or do other people need to be involved?
  • Does your plan for the PhD project already takes into account all IMPRS/HGSFP/Uni-HD requirements?
  • Do data already exist for the student to work on at the outset of the PhD project?
  • If additional data must be obtained during the PhD project, is there a backup plan?
  • For instrumentation and/or lab-work: even if project timelines are not met, is there still the chance for a successful PhD?
  • For theoretical work: Can you ensure enough computation time?
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