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Some information put together by Christian Fendt in September 2008, some points could be outdated! Please help to improve this page and keep it up to date. Feel free to add and change information.

In the past, the rules did differ from institute to institute and also changed in time. What should count in the end is the paper you have signed when you registred at the faculty (one of these German forms which are now also vailable in English).

The teaching duties are counted in units of a "Semester-Deputat" corresponding to either

The current rule says that at least one Semester-Deputat of teaching is "expected" during the three years before you finally register for your defense/examination (see attached form).

There are several options for doing teaching:

a) to help supervising the "Astronomisches Praktikum" (Contact: Jochen Heidt)

b) to supervise one of the two the astronomy experiments for the physics undergraduate students (located at MPIA).

c) Tutorials for the astronomy courses (practical courses besides the lectures). Please, check with the lecturers directly (e.g. Ralf Klessen for Theoretical Astrophysics, Eva Grebel for Galaxies etc.). Master students are required to take part in these practicals.

d) Tutorials for physics courses, topics are changing every semester (e.g. Atomic/Quantum Physics, Statistical Mechanics; Contact: Eduard Thommes)

e) Tutorials for physics lab courses (rarely), Contact: Peter Glaessel

f) Beginner's lab classes in Physics are given every semester. This is for Physics students as well as students who have a different major but have to do Physics anyways like Geo-scientists or Medicine students. These classes have to be given in German. The person to contact is Herr Bayer. If you want more information on the experiments you can also drop by my (Natalie) office.

For d) and e) we have to check every semester. Certain lab courses require certain expertise for supervision. Point c) seems obvious from the yearly curriculum.

Please, also ask you supervisor for help.

Proof of duty fulfillment

According to Christian Fendt (15 Sep 09) you need a certificate that you have fulfilled your teaching duty. You should contact the lecturer / lab leader for this.

Examples for lecture exercises

Please provide some useful information as name of lecturer, topic of the lecture, year, your own name for contact,...

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