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Patzer Benefits

In accordance with the purpose of the Foundation, its annual financial output is spent for

  • the Ernst Patzer Awards for best refereed publications
  • financial support to students and young scientists at MPIA with the goal to help their scientific careers, including scientific books, thesis binding, thesis proofreading and membership in scientific society (AAS, DPG...).
  • student workshop

The Patzer Prize

The Ernst Patzer Foundation is awarding up to three prizes each year for the best refereed publications by PhD students and young postdocs at the MPIA. Eligible for the prize are PhD students and young postdocs who have published results based on work done mainly at the MPIA. The affiliation with the MPIA must be visible on the publication. Postdocs must have completed their PhD within the last three years before the nomination. The maximum value per prize is 2000 Euro. There are no conditions on how the money has to be used. For further information see the current/last announcement or mail: Henrik Beuther, Marten Scheuck.

List of awardees

Financial support for students and young scientists:

A limited amount of money (few thousand Euros, changing each year) is available each year for financial support of students and young researchers to help their present studies and future carrier. At the moment, financial support is provided for binding the thesis, buying a scientific book and for the annual student workshop. In principal, the students at MPIA can define themselves which expenses should be funded and who is eligible for getting these funds. However, each proposal has to comply with the general aim and policy of the Ernst Patzer Foundation.

How to apply for support by the Patzer Foundation:

1st Buy and pay the book or bind your thesis. Keep the receipt!
2nd Download the form and fill it
3rd Bring the filled form and the receipt to Henrik Beuther (Room 228) for approval by the Patzer foundation
4th Go to Ms. Hoffmann (Room 214 C) for approval by the financial department
5th Go to Ms. Anders (Room 205) to get your money

Download form

We have a small commitee that establishes the internal rules for the use of this money. This group currently consists of

Please contact one of the persons above for detail about the access to the Patzer Funds.

What is covered by the Patzer foundation?

Annual student workshop

There is a student workshop held every year.

Binding the thesis

The Ph.D. thesis represents the final stage of every Ph.D. student carrier. The University of Heidelberg requires quite a big number of copies of the thesis and all of them must be properly bind. The thesis itself is also the "key tool" in applying for postdoc positions or jobs. For this reason, the Foundation has decided to fund students for the binding of their thesis. Also, the binding of Master and Bachelor thesis are eligible to funding. Your expenses will be covered for up to 10 copies or up to a maximum 200 (please make use of the various discounts available - for more information just contact the student representatives!).

Thesis proofreading

It is not just important to have clear scientific results, it is also important to have a clear and correct language. Therefore the Patzer foundation supports proofreading for the thesis up to 200 , which can be used for professional proofreading.

Scientific Books

Books are surely relevant in the early stages of an academic career. Students are welcome to use them and to be critical about them. For this reason, the Foundation has decided to partially fund students who buy scientific books. Your expenses will be partially covered. You will be granted 50% of the price per book, up to a maximum of 80 per year. (Hence, if your book is more expensive than 160 you would still only get 80 from the Patzer Fund).

Scientific Society Membership

The Patzer Fund reimburses for one scientific society (e.g. DPG or AAS).

In any case: Keep the receipt for what you paid, you have to hand it in during the application for the money!

Open Board

Aware of the fact that students themselves know what they need for their successful carrier, we encourage you to propose brilliant ideas for how the students can be supported best, i.e., such that the money really helps AND that it is distributed in a fair way. Suggestions are collected at any time by Grigorii Smirnov-Pinchukov. Those suggestions have to reflect the leading idea of the constitution. They thus have to help students in getting good opportunities for their present studies and future carrier.

To help coordinate the spending of the Patzer money, we ask you to submit requests as early as possible in the year.

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