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Access privileges

Pages in the sections 'Observing' and 'Data Reduction' can be seen by everyone, but only edited when logged it. Pages in the section 'LP' can only be seen by members of the MIDI AGN Large Programme team, pages in the section 'AGNs' can only be seen by members of the AGN (GTO) group. Please contact Leonard Burtscher if you need a login or if you would like to create a new group.

Mailing lists

There are two mailing lists for MIDI: midi and midi-users (both at MPIA). Those lists are intended for general MIDI announcements and for discussion of data reduction problems respectively. Please contact Leonard Burtscher if you want to subscribe to either list.


Since ca. May 2009 there is a forum, hosted by ESO, where discussion about MIDI (and other ESO instruments) is encouraged. ESO people regularly check this forum and answer questions (if there are some).

Wiki technicality: Browser compatibility

Some pages of this wiki include formulae that are displayed using jsmath (required JavaScript). It is therefore recommandable to use a browser from this millennium for reading and editing this wiki.

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