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If you have, say, only photA and photB is very bad, you can try to use photA as photB in midipipe. As midipipe will only accept files as photB files if in the header they have "SHUTTER = BOPEN" you have to copy the files and change the headers appropriately. You can either do this on the console and change the headers using vi or you can output the data within mia using


to read in the A files and

oirNewData, photBfile, newphotAfile, d[1000:3000], /copyHead

to write out (one) photB file. With this method you can additionally select if you, like in this example, only want to use frames 1000 through 3000.

For this to be scientifically any meaningful the true intensity in the two beams must be nearly equal. Otherwise you can have a look at the flux ratio in the two beams over the night. If this is relatively stable you might want to multiply the existing beam with this ratio and have a pseudo-second beam.

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