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midiPutVis, outFile, wave, visamp, visphi, [visamperr], [visphierr], [flag], uv=uv

Attention: Better use oirNewVis which produces OIFITS-compliant FITS files!

Things between brackets are optional. The code is in

;   wave    = wavelength array in microns
;   visamp  = visibility amplitude
;   visphi  = visibility phase (degrees)
;   visamperr = rms visibility error (optional, default=0)
;   visphierr = rms phase error (degrees) (optional, default=0)
;   flag = (1 = good, 0 = bad) (optional, default=1)
;   uv   = uv coordinates (meters).  If not given defaults to 0!

wave can be gotten by wave = oirgetwavelength (datafilename)

uv is optional but can be gotten as:

uvw = midifitsuvw(datafilename)

datafile name can be the original data file or any of the intermediate products of midivispipe etc.

uvw is an array of 3 numbers; midputvis only needs 2 values but I think that it will not mind if you give it 3.

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