LINC-NIRVANA Documentation

The vast majority of LINC-NIRVANA documentation resides under version control within the LN Trac system. Follow the Internal link on the menu at right. The links below provide access to publicly accessible LINC-NIRVANA documentation.

Refereed and Conference Papers

As with most ground-based astronomical instrumentation, the LINC-NIRVANA development has been documented extensively in SPIE papers. Nevertheless, the unique technologies and image processing requirements of the instrument have lead to a number of refereed journal publications.

See the Papers page for full details.

Design Reviews

A complex, long term project such as LINC-NIRVANA depends on regular external reviews of design, planning, and execution. Before shipping to the observatory, LINC-NIRVANA had six such reviews: Concept Review, Preliminary Design Review (PDR), Final Design Review (FDR), Software Delta Review, Assembly, Integration and Verification Review (AIVR), and a Preliminary Acceptance Europe (PAE) review for Pathfinder.

See the Design Reviews page for review documentation.