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The earliest phases of star formation:<br>From low- to high-mass objects (2007)

The earliest phases of star formation:
From low- to high-mass objects (2007)

O. Krause, Th. Henning, H. Beuther, S. Birkmann, M. Hennemann, R. Launhardt, D. Lemke, H. Linz, M. Nielbock, J. Steinacker (all MPIA Heidelberg), R. Klein (MPE Garching), B. Stecklum (TLS Tautenburg), and P. André (CEA Saclay)

Studying exo-planetary Atmospheres:<br> from Spitzer to JWST (2007)

Studying exo-planetary Atmospheres:
from Spitzer to JWST (2007)

Jeroen Bouwman (MPIA Heidelberg), Mark Swain (JPL), Oliver Krause (MPIA Heidelberg), Thomas Henning (MPIA Heidelberg)

The earliest phases of high-mass star formation:<br>
Opportunities with JWST

The earliest phases of high-mass star formation:
Opportunities with JWST

O. Krause, S. Birkmann, M. Hennemann, M. Nielbock and Th. Henning (MPIA Heidelberg)

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