Omega 2000 - Picture Gallery

Commisioning I

The following pictures are taken during the first commisoning at Calar Alto. There is a lot of technical information but also some impressions.


It was snowing. How do we get out here today?

Arrival at Calar Alto

Everything is there

Now, we have to assemble it

Sometimes it is easier to walk

Wind is coming from the right hand side

Ulrich Mall is trying hard to fix the readout electronics

Harald Baumeister checking the transmission of the baffle

Cabeling up the dewar

Filling the dewar

Great performance of the dewar

Zoltan Kovacs allowing the photons to enter the instrument

In case Omega2000 doesn't take pictures, Harald does.

Omega2000 on the way up


and higher

and higher

almost there

Where did it go?


First photons arriving on the detector

Omega, Harald and the 3.5m telescope

Calar Alto staff helping to point the telescope

Omega2000 team

Omega2000 team looking for ice on the window. With help of the 3.5m telescope

Hard working science team

Upps. Seems to be out of focus. H-J Roeser wondering the optical quality of the instrument.

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17. Feb. 2004