Omega 2000 - First light

at the 3.5m telescope of the Calar Alto Observatory, Spain. January 2003




First light images taken on 15. January 2003

The two images shown above are snapshots from the screen. Raw data of a single image is displayed, no image processing was applied. The images are taken in the K' filter, 3 sec integration time, seeing about 3 arcsec.

During the following nights the seeing improved, all scheduled tests have been done.

Best seeing was around 0.9" (with 0.45" pixel)



The Omega2000 team looks pleased! 
from left to right:
H-J. Röser (PI), Ana Guijarro (CA staff member), Peter Bizenberger (Project Manager), Matthias Alter (Electronics), Ulrich Mall (Electronics), Rene Fassbender (Student), Zoltan Kovacs (PhD Student), Clemens Storz (Software), Harald Baumeister (Mechanics)

Contact Peter Bizenberger for more information.