Omega 2000 

Omega2000 is a prime focus near infrared wide field camera for the 3.5m telescope at Calar Alto, Spain. Having a large field of view and an excellent optical quality, the instrument is particularly designed for survey observations. A cryogenic focal reducer delivers a 15.4 x 15.4 arcmin field of view with a pixel scale of 0.45 arcsec/pixel. The 2k x 2k HAWAII-2 detector is sensitve from z to K band. A set of broad and narrow band filters covers a wide range of observing applications.


  • Observing Information
    All the information needed for convienent observing with Omega2000.

  • Technical Details
    Technical details about the design of Omega2000, e.g. the optical layout, working scheme of the warm baffles, ....

  • Picture Gallery
    Pictures of the commissioning, of technical components, first observing results and of impressions around this camera.

  • Publications
    First technical papers.

  • Internal
    For staff only.




Contact Peter Bizenberger or Hermann-Josef Röser for more information.
17. Feb. 2004