Zolotarev (1970) paper's page

Zolotarev V.M. (1970)
Optical constants of amorpous SiO2 and GeO2 in the region of valence band.
Optika Spektrosc., v. 29, pp. 66 - 70.

Optical constants: Some details:
As the opitical properties of quartz glasses are known to depend on the prehistory of samples, the processing of 5 different samples was made in two ways (rough one usual in the optical industry and that with additional polishing by Ar ions).
  The optical constants were determined by 4 methods: (i) Measurements of reflectivity of polarized radiation incident at 3 different angles following by solution of the Fresnel equations; (ii) Measurements of trasmittance (for tablettes of ultra-fine powder); (iii) A combined method applied to both kind of the data following by solution of Fresnel equation for the normal incidence; (iv) Kramers-Kronig method.

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