Sorokin et al. (1973) paper's page

Sorokin O.M., Blank V.A., Lebedeva G.A. (1973)
Optical properties of SiO2 in the spectral range 5-40 eV.
Optika Spektrosc., v. 35, pp. 501 - 507.

Optical constants:
Some details:
Reflectance of polycrystalline films on polished glass was measured in the spectral range from 5 to 20 eV.
  Transmittance by free SiO2 films of the thickness of 0.07-0.2 micron (creation of the free films is described in the paper) was determined in the range from 8 to 40 eV.
  Electrographical analysis showed that the films of both kind have polycrystalline structure similar to that of betha-chrystobalite?.

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