Popova et al. (1973) paper's page

Popova S.I., Tolstych T.S., Ivlev L.S. (1973)
Optical constants of Fe2O3 in the infrared spectral region.
Optika Spektrosc., v. 35, pp. 954 - 955.

Optical constants: Some details:
The Reflectance of polarized radiation at the incidence angle 12 deg was measured in the range from 1400 to 200 cm-1 for monocrystalline hematite (alpha-Fe2O3) and amorphous Fe2O3 samples. Special technique applied allowed to reduce the relative errors downto 1% for the reflectance values of 0.005-0.8. The optical constants were obtained by the Kramers-Kronig method.

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