Ossenkopf et al. (1992) paper's page

Ossenkopf V., Henning Th., Mathis J.S. (1992)
Constraints on cosmic silicates.
Astron. Astrophys., v. 261, pp. 567 - 578.

Optical constants: Some details:
The optical constants of the O-deficient silicate were derived from [Cabs(lambda)/V] (Cabs and V are the cross-section and volume of grains) derived from observational data using Kramers-Kronig relation and some assumptions on the size and shape distributions of grains. In the region 2-7.5 micron unreliable results were replaced by the values calculated for laboratory silicate with admixtures of Fe and Fe3O4 using effective medium theories. The optical constants of the O-rich silicate were obtained in a similar but more complex way.

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