Jaeger et al. (1994) paper's page

Jäger C., Mutschke H., Begemann B., Dorschner J., and Henning Th. (1994)
Steps toward interstellar silicate mineralogy. I. Laboratory results of a silicate glass of mean cosmic composition.
Astron. Astrophys., v. 292, pp. 641 - 655.

Optical constants: Some details:
Several samples of pyroxenes were prepared by quenching melts. In the samples Mg, Fe, Al, Ca were placed in the proportions that approximately agreed with the photospheric abundances of the Sun and cometary abundances.
  Deternimation of the optical constants was made as follows: (i) reflectance of the polished samples was measured in the range 1 - 500 micron and the refractive index in the infrared region was estimated by mean of Kramers-Kronig analysis; (ii) in the region 0.25 - 0.9 micron the real part of the refractive index was obtained from spectroscopic ellipsometry; (iii) transmittance of a self-supporting splat was measured in the range 0.4 - 8 micron.

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