Henning & Mutschke (1997) paper's page

Henning Th. and Mutschke H. (1997)
Low-temperature infrared properties of cosmic dust analogues.
Astron. Astrophys., v. 327, pp. 743 - 754.

Optical constants: Some details:
The pyroxene glass, the FeO and FeS samples were prepared by melting in an arc furnace and subsequent quenching on a water-cooled copper plate (see Begemann et al. 1994; Henning et al. 1995). A natural hypersthene mineral (Paul's Island, Labrador, Canada) was used to prepare the glass. The abundances determined by energy-dispersive X-ray analysis were: Mg 28.1%, Fe 17.3%, Al 1.1%, Ca 2.2%, Si 51.3%. The crystalline bronzite sample (Paterlestein, Franken, Germany) is polycrystalline with crystallite sizes of about 1 mm. The amorphous SiO2 sample is a commercial quartz glass window (Suprasil) which was cut into wedge shape. The samples were kept at constant temperatures (T= 10, 100, 200, and 300 K).
  Reflectance was measured for the polished samples in 2 - 500 micron region. The refractive indices were obtained using the Kramers-Kronig analysis with some extrapolations. Transmittance was measured for the same spectral region for powders embedded in KBr or polyethylene pellets.

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