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Dorschner J., Begemann B., Henning Th. et al. (1995)
Steps toward interstellar silicate mineralogy. II. Study of Mg-Fe-silicate glasses of variable composition.
Astron. Astrophys., v. 300, pp. 503 - 519.
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Optical constants: Some details:
Samples were prepared by quenching melts. Quenching was rapid to freeze the amorphous state of the melts. This state was confirmed by X-ray diffraction measurements of powders and bulk sample material. The homogeneity of the glass samples was controlled by electron microscopy. The actual composition was determined by wet-chemical methods.
  Deternimation of optical constants was made in two ways: (i) measurements of reflectance of the polished samples (0.19 - 500 micron) with following Kramers-Kronig analysis in 8 - 80 micron region and Lorentz oscillator fit outside the region; (ii) measurements of transmittance of the "raw" samples (with accounting for the reflected and scattered light contribution) in visual (<8 micron) and far infrared (>100 micron).
  Refractive index vs wavelength (0.20 - 500 micron) is given with the step of about 10% in lambda (within the bands about 2%).

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