What is FrInGe ........ ? Was ist FrInGe ........ ?

Frontiers of Interferometry in Germany
German Center for Infrared and Optical Interferometry

Deutsches Interferometriezentrum
für den optischen und infraroten Wellenlängenbereich


Jun 2010 The next meeting will take place at Jena on July, 19th, 2010

Sep 2007

Minutes of the 12th FrInGe-Meeting (26.7.2007 at EADS-ASTRIUM in Friedrichshafen) are now available on the internal web-page .......
Sep 2007 The next meeting will take place at the LSW-Heidelberg (spring 2008)
Dec 2006

MIDI data reduction software:
Last release: October 2006 (