La Cristalera topics

This is a compilation of the "provoking" presentations of the meeting:

- Carlos Eiroa: Logistics and first list of topics
- Grant Kennedy: Inferring system formation and evolution from debris disk observations
- Johan Olofsson: Mind the dust
- Eva Villaver: Planetary Systems and discs beyond the MS
- Jessica Donaldson: Gas in debris disks
- Pablo Riviere: Gas in debris disks II
- Sasha Krivov: Radial complexity of debris disks
- Alcione Mora: Debris disks with Gaia
- Steve Ertel: Future observational perspectives of debris disks – ALMA, SPICA, VLTI/MATISSE, VLTI/GRAVITY –
- Amelia Bayo: EELT on debris
- Christine Chen: JWST
- Johan Olofsson: VLT/SPHERE for debris disks
- Rene Liseau: ALMA alphaCen