Classifying Objects by Medium-Band Observations
- a spectrophotometric 17-filter survey -

The COMBO-17 results:

  1. Object classification in astronomical multi-color surveys.

  2. Deep BVR Photometry of the Chandra Deep Field South from the COMBO-17 Survey. ( Link to CDS catalog)

  3. Probing the Distribution of Dark Matter in the Abell 901/902 Supercluster with Weak Lensing.

  4. The COMBO-17 Survey: Evolution of the Galaxy Luminosity Function from 25,000 Galaxies with z=0.2..1.2 (full version)

  5. The Shear Power Spectrum from the COMBO-17 Survey.

  6. The evolution of faint AGN between z~1 and z~5 from the COMBO-17 survey.

  7. Weak lensing with COMBO-17: estimation and removal of intrinsic alignments.

  8. Linking star formation and environment in the A901/902 supercluster.

  9. Nearly 5000 distant early-type galaxies in COMBO-17: A red sequence and its evolution since z~1. (hires version)

  10. A catalogue of the Chandra Deep Field South with multi-colour classification and photometric redshifts from COMBO-17.

  11. Mapping the 3-D dark matter with weak lensing in COMBO-17.

  12. The influence of redshift information on galaxy-galaxy lensing measurements.

  13. Dusty star-forming galaxies in the red-sequence: The cluster Abell901/902 seen with COMBO-17.

  14. Evolution of the Dark Matter Distribution with 3D weak lensing.

  15. An ultra-cool white dwarf serendipitously found with COMBO-17.

  16. The stellar masses of 25000 galaxies at 0.2

  17. Weak lensing measurements of dark matter halos of galaxies from COMBO-17.

  18. Galaxy clustering from COMBO-17: the halo occupation distribution at = 0.6.

  19. The Merger Rate of Massive Galaxies.

  20. Morphology-dependent trends of galaxy age with environment in A 901/2 seen with COMBO-17.

  21. Cosmological constraints from COMBO-17 using 3D weak lensing.

The above refereed papers have received more than 850 citations by May 2007.

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