Classifying Objects by Medium-Band Observations
- a spectrophotometric 17-filter survey -

The COMBO-17 contacts & responsibilities:


overall project coordination Christian Wolf Oxford
Klaus MeisenheimerMPIA
data archive, web archive, Martina Kleinheinrich ex-MPIA
data publication Christian TapkenMPIA
Christian Wolf Oxford
external collaboration Christian Wolf Oxford

technical tasks

observations Martina Kleinheinrich ex-MPIA
Klaus Meisenheimer MPIA
Christian Wolf Oxford
standard WFI data reduction Andrea Borch ex-MPIA
and software Martina Kleinheinrich ex-MPIA
Zoltan Kovacs ex-MPIA
Klaus Meisenheimer MPIA
Christian Tapken MPIA
Christian Wolf Oxford
optimized reduction Michael Brown Edinburgh
of R-band data Simon Dye Cardiff
Thomas Erben Bonn
Meghan Gray Edinburgh
Martina Kleinheinrich ex-MPIA/Bonn
Mischa Schirmer ex-Bonn
Andy Taylor Edinburgh
astrometry Christian Wolf Oxford
photometric calibration Lutz Wisotzki AIPotsdam
Christian Wolf Oxford
classification, z estimation Christian Wolf Oxford
survey completeness
improving templates Andrea Borch MPIA
Isabel Franco MPIA
Klaus Meisenheimer MPIA
Lutz Wisotzki AIPotsdam
Christian Wolf Oxford

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Last update May 10, 2007, CW