Classifying Objects by Medium-Band Observations
- a spectrophotometric 17-filter survey -

The COMBO-17 team definition:

Core team:
Members of the core team should be co-authors on every paper using non-public COMBO-17 data
Christian Wolf (Oxford), Klaus Meisenheimer (MPIA)

Convention of all subject groups listed below
Team members have full access to the data and can explore it at their liberty.
Working outside of their group or topical area is subject to PI approval.
Authorship of members from a group is to be decided within that group.
Galaxy/AGN group: contact:
Eric Bell (MPIA)
Klaus Meisenheimer (MPIA)
Stefanie Phleps (Garching)
Hans-Walter Rix (MPIA)
Christian Tapken (MPIA)
Christian Wolf (Oxford)
Lutz Wisotzki (AIP)
Lensing group: Bonn contact:
Edinburgh contact:
David Bacon (Edinburgh)
Simon Dye (Bristol)
Thomas Erben (Bonn)
Meghan Gray (Nottingham)
Catherine Heymans (Vancouver)
Hans-Walter Rix (MPIA)
Peter Schneider (Bonn)
Patrick Simon (Bonn)
Andy Taylor (Edinburgh)
External collaborators: Data access and co-authorship is restricted to the subject of the collaboration.
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Last update May 10, 2007, CW