Classifying Objects by Medium-Band Observations
- a spectrophotometric 17-filter survey -

The COMBO-17 survey:

  • has imaged 1 square degree of sky in 17 optical filters using the Wide Field Imager at the MPG/ESO 2.2-m telescope at La Silla, Chile. 

  • found ~25000 galaxies and ~300 QSOs with redshift errors of dz/(1+z) ~ 0.02, as well as ~5000 stars and ~30 white dwarfs

  • has deep and sharp R-band data for exploration of weak gravitational lensing.
Science highlights:
  1. The stellar mass in galaxies with ancient stellar populations has increased over the last 8 billion years: More...

  2. Robust constraints on the evolution of quasar luminosity function: More...

  3. The smoking gun of cluster growth: We observe galaxies being transformed from field galaxies to cluster galaxies: More...

  4. A public catalogue of the Chandra Deep Field South More...

Figure:  Cluster field Abell 901/902.

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