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Ringberg Castle Workshop

From protoplanetary discs to planetary systems

Thanks to the enormous progress in observational techniques, we have now access to detailed characterizations of protoplanetary discs (sizes, masses, solid contents, evolution) and exoplanetary systems (masses, radii, distributions, heavy metal contents). However, most workshops and conferences in the past only tried to tie planet formation theories to either disc structures and evolution or to exoplanet statistics. In this workshop, we want to bring together scientists that work on observations of protoplanetary discs and exoplanets to constrain planet formation theories from both sides.

The following topics are anticipated and will be covered:

- mass budget in protoplanetary discs

- protoplanetary disc evolution and dispersal

- turbulence in protoplanetary discs

- exoplanet observations and statistics

- heavy metal content in exoplanetary systems and at home

- planet formation via planetesimal and pebble accretion

- formation of planetary systems

- interior structures of planets

The workshop location is the Ringberg Castle in the Bavarian Alps in southern Germany. Ringberg meetings are small workshops of about 40 people and well known for providing a special environment for lively scientific interaction. Both the restricted number of participants as well as the gorgeous castle location are ideally suited for meeting old friends as well as new colleagues and for learning from each other in formal and informal meetings. We very much hope you can join us for a lively and fun exchange of ideas.

The SOC: Bertram Bitsch, Mario Flock, Hubert Klahr, Thomas Henning