News & Jobs

We are always looking for motivated young scientists at all academic levels to join our research group.

Postdoc positions are advertised though the AAS job register. 
PhD applications are usually considered through the
IMPRS graduate school. The next call will open in Fall 2019.

If you are interested in an internship or in a BSc/MSc project in my group, please contact me by email.

Here are some of the open projects:

  • 3D Non-LTE modelling of CH and the origin of carbon in the early Universe
  • Abundances in the Sun and in the solar system
  • Observational constraints on progenitors of SN Ia using abundances of Fe-group elements
  • Measuring ages of the oldest stars
  • Relationship between alpha- and r-process elements in the Galactic disk and halo


Here is the list of conferences in 2019, which might be of an interest to those working in stellar physics, stellar populations, and Galactic evolution (thanks to the Stellar group at MPIA for compiling). 

ESLAB, The Gaia Universe, April, Netherlands 

Better Stars, Better Planets, April - June, Santa Barbara

Planet-Star Connections in the Era of TESS and Gaia, May, Santa Barbara

IAUS350: Laboratory Astrophysics, April, Cambridge, UK

4MOST community workshop and science team meeting, May, Garching

STARS2019, May, Cuba

Zooming in on Star formation, June, Nafplio, Greece
A conference dedicated to celebrate the career of Prof. Åke Nordlund

A Galaxy in crisis, June, Ljubljana, Slovenia (GALAH meeting) 

EWASS, June, Lyon, France

Starplanet2019, June, Ringberg, Germany
orgnaised by MPIA

IAUS351:  Star Clusters, May, Bologna

SDSS-IV collaboration meeting, June, Mexico

Stellar hydro days V, June, Exeter

IAU353: Galactic Dynamics, June, Shanghai 

Stars on the Run II, August, Potsdam

CEMP stars, September, Geneva

Gaia-ESO 2019 Legacy conference, September, Florence (last meeting of the Gaia-ESO survey)

Nuclear Physics in Astrophysics, September, Frankfurt and Heidelberg

RR Lyraes and Cepheids, October, New Mexico

LAMOST and other leading suryeys, November, Yichang, China 

Lithium in the Universe, Rome

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