Camilla Hansen


Stellar spectroscopy, abundances, atmospheres, and evolution;
Nucleosynthesis of heavy elements, Galactic chemical evolution, Supernova yields; Chemical composition of meteorites


Andy Gallagher


Precision spectroscopy; 3D atmosphere modelling and spectrum synthesis; CNO molecular bands;
Heavy element nucleosynthesis;
the metal-poor Galaxy;
High performance computing; code development and testing

Philipp Eitner
BSc student

My main desire is to learn everything about the stars and the universe itself. With that goal in mind I am currently working on understanding NLTE effects in stellar atmospheres as my Bachelor project.

Research projects: Modelling of integrated light spectra and extragalactic globular clusters
with S
øren Larsen / Radboud University Nijmegen


Mikhail Kovalev
PhD student

NLTE radiative transfer, stellar spectroscopy, Gaia, the Gaia-ESO and 4MOST surveys

Machine learning methods and data science
Development of webtools:

Research projects: Chemical evolution of Galactic globular clusters and Milky Way disk stars

Ekaterina Semenova
MSc student

Stellar physics, photometry, spectral analysis
Physical processes in stellar interior

Research projects: Testing the effects of diffusion and gravitational settling using the Gaia-ESO observations of open clusters

Richard Hoppe

MSc student

Chemical evolution of the Sun’s convective envelope due to accretion of the protoplanetary disk

Former group members / co-supervision


Sara Mancino
PhD student / ESO

Spectroscopy of Cepheids
Chemical abundances
Extragalactic distance scales


Joachim Bestenlehner
MPIA —> University of Sheffield

Massive stars: spectroscopy and atmospheres; Chemical evolution of the Milky-Way and the interstellar medium; alpha-process and iron peak elements

Massive stars: mass loss, fundamental parameters, mechanical and radiative feedback

Valeriy Vasilyev
Interests: radiative transfer in 3D, Cepheids, pulsating stars

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