Chemical evolution and nucleosynthesis across the Galaxy

26-29 November 2018

Max-Planck House, Heidelberg

Our understanding of chemical evolution of stellar populations in the Milky Way has been revolutionised with the advent of improved theoretical models of stellar atmospheres, stellar evolution, and state-of-the-art chemo-dynamical models of the Galaxy. Such advances are more readily used to analyse data acquired through large observational programs, like RAVE, Gaia, and APOGEE, etc. and will be incorporated with future surveys such as SDSS V, 4MOST, and WEAVE providing exquisite information about the chemical structure of the Galactic disc, the halo, and the bulge. The conference will focus on three major topics, which constitute the backbone of observational Galaxy formation studies: spectroscopic diagnostics – such as nucleosynthesis, chemical abundance, and age determination; theoretical and observational aspects of stellar mergers and evolution of massive stars – with particular attention focused towards AT 2017gfo; and reviews on the state-of-the-art in chemo-dynamical modelling in the Milky Way. There will be a special format, where two afternoons will contain `non-conference’ break-out sessions, in which related open questions and hot topics will be discussed.

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Special satellite session

Low metallicity s-process

30 November 2018



Camilla Hansen (co-chair)
Maria Bergemann (co-chair)
Andreas Bauswein
Andy Gallagher
Andreas Koch
Andrew McWilliam
George Meynet
Friedrich Roepke
Ralph Schoenrich
Eline Tolstoy
Claudia Travaglio


Anish Amarsi
Sven Buder
Norbert Christlieb
Diane Feuillet
Xudong Gao
Mikhail Kovalev
Markus Kromer
Karin Lind
Ása Skúladottir
Jan Rybizki

Invited Speakers

Carlo Abate
Almudena Arcones
Giuseppina Battaglia
Piercarlo Bonifacio
Sergio Cristallo
Stephane Goriely
Raphael Hirschi
Pascale Jablonka
Hans-Thomas Janka
Andreas Korn
Maria Lugaro
Kate Maguire
Dan Maoz
Nicolas Prantzos
Nils Ryde
Ása Skúladottir
Richard Stancliffe
Karl-Friedrich Thielemann
David Yong
Gail Zasowski




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!!! Presentation (talk/poster) can only be guaranteed if payment done before 26.10.2018 !!!

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