MPIA staff member

Dr. Faustine Cantalloube  
Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomie
Max Planck Institute of Astronomy
Königstuhl 17
D69117 Heidelberg/Germany
Office: 134 A
Phone: (+49) 6221 528-260
Main research project:
Image processing for high contrast imaging of exoplanets and circumstellar disks.
Main application to the VLT/SPHERE instrument.
Single Conjugated Adaptive Optics of the first light E-ELT mid-infrared instrument METIS.
VLT-I/GRAVITY observations of Young Stellar Objects and young low-mass stars binarity.
Guide in observatories (Nancay radioastronomie station,Paris observatory)
Animations at the amazing Palais de la Decouverte in Paris (a must go!)
Various lectures given at events such as Pint of Science or other astronomy organizations.
Pedagogie: Astro Vers Tous (Astro towards everyone).
Other activities: Involvement in Femmes & Sciences.
Detailed CV:
Cirriculum Vitae 2018
ANDROMEDA: Algorithm dedicated to point-source extraction in high-contrast images.
Successful applications on VLT/NaCo , VLT/SPHERE, Gemini/NICI, Gemini/GPI and Keck/NIRC2 data.
Ph.D thesis: Development of two algorithms ANDROMEDA (based on ADI) and MEDUSAE (for multispectral data).

NYRIA: Network for Young Researcher in Instrumentation for Astronomy
NYRIA blog

*** Proposed internship at MPIA - 2018: ***

Image processing for multispectral high-contrast imaging
-> context of the proposed subject
In collaboration with Laurent Jacques from the Louvain University.

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